5 Boy Scout Survival Tips

There's no question that boy scouts have an adventurous time outdoors. But everyone still needs to be cautious at all times. As a member of a troop, boy scouts learn a lot about surviving in the wilderness. It's no secret that the wilderness can be a hazardous environment and that unexpected events can happen at any given moment. Because of this factor, Boy Scout survival tips will help prevent and lessen danger. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most essential things that scouts should keep in mind before venturing out into the wilderness.

1.The Value of Good Packing

Scouts first learn how to pack and what to pack before enduring in their outdoor activities. In addition, it's helpful to have a checklist of important items to pack and check these items off while packing. This routine helps campers to plan to bring the right clothing, gear, first aid kits, water and other important items. Other essential requirements that a boy scout needs for hygiene would be a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and a sleeping bag.

2.Bring a Survival Kit

When learning Boy Scout survival tips, all boys should learn that a personal survival kit is key to have on any outdoor adventure. This survival kit can include items such as matches, bug repellent, a signal mirror, spark-lite fire starter flint, a saw, fishing kit, compass, dental floss, sunblock, band aids, wound closure strips, pain killers, iodine solution, water purification tablets, plastic zip-lock bag, electrical tape, safety pins, foil, pencil, paper and antibiotic cream. Without question, having a first aid kit will help to prevent injuries or illnesses such as hypothermia, heat reactions, frostbite, dehydration, blisters, insect bites, tick and snake bites.

3.Stay Confident

When it comes to boy scout survival tips, a boy scout must know how to behave when in extreme situations. For example, he must maintain a confident and calm state when lost. It is also important to know CPR and swimming.

4.Be ready for Inclement Weather

Boy scout survival tips require a scout to be prepared to encounter all different types of weather conditions, such as cold, snow, rain and wind. The scout must also learn how to use all the items in his survival kit, such as knowing how to use a signal mirror and ground-to-air signals. In addition to that essential knowledge, a scout must also be good at finding a natural shelter and preparing outdoor water to make it drinkable. Scouts must know what types of clothing to wear in certain temperatures, such as extreme hot and cold.

5.Understand Where to Get Nutrition Outdoors

Boy scout survival tips also educate troop members on what kind of plants to eat and which ones to avoid. It is important that the scout knows how to fish for food in case there is a food shortage from the kit.

A great boy scout survival tip resource is, of course, the boy scout handbook. Being outdoors could be a lot of fun, but if a boy scout isn't prepared for survival, he can run into a lof of problems.