Armor of God Pendant Shield & Chain

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The Armor of God pendant is worn as a protection and as a physical reminder to be faithful and valiant as we move forward in our daily battles for truth and salvation.  It symbolizes our strength and willingness to go forward as a witness of God.  These designs have great personal value and they provide a certain piece of mind simply by wearing it.

This high relief, highly polished pendant design incorporates two soldiers (male and female) clothed in each piece of armor described in Ephesians 6 with ‘Armor of God’.  Other symbolic design elements are also used to encourage thoughtful pondering.   1 inch · high relief · 18 inch chain · highly polished silver finish · protective clear vinyl pouch included

Especially for:  Achievements, Awards, Churches, Children, Gifts, Chaplains Gifts, Group activities, Missionaries, Service & Recognition Awards,  Marriage, Anniversaries , Thank You gifts, Youth Events, Morale Builders, Families, and Birthdays.

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