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Awards & Gifts

Boy Scout Awards & Gifts

Shop Now and Save Big on Boy Scout Awards & Gifts

At the Boy Scout Store, we are pleased to offer a large selection of boy scout awards and gifts to our customers. We have everything from recognition plaques, to greeting cards, to coins, and more! Shop around now and find the perfect boy scout awards and gifts you need for you scout(s).

Antelope PM Tan


2000 Pilot Wood Badge Course Patch


Woodbadge Knot Four Bead Red


Woodbadge Knot Two Bead Red


Gilwell CSP Yellow Border


Woodbadge Jacket Patch Red


Woodbadge CSP Owl


Wood Badge CSP Bear


Woodbadge CSP Antelope


Woodbadge CSP Fox


Woodbadge CSP Eagle


Woodbadge CSP Bobwhite


Woodbadge CSP Buffalo


Woodbadge CSP Beaver


Woodbadge CSP Good Ol' Staffer Red


Woodbadge Patrols Jacket Patch