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Browse our inventory of scout coins and scout stamps here and get the exact items you need. We are happy to offer our inventory to customers at great prices. We carry several different collections of scout coins and cases for to hold them. Find what you need below and order now!

100-Year Old Indian Head Penny Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n5751


Minted over 100 years ago, the Indian Head Cent gleams against the embellished wood grain handle of our Collector’s Edition Pocket Knife.  A very... More 

Merry Money Colorized $2 Bill

CODE: d503n5792


This engaging Christmas collectible is sure to delight anyone on your holiday shopping list.  Using a highly specialized technology, our artists have... More 

World War II Collection

CODE: d503n5822


Created to honor a time of unequalled American pride, sacrifices and achievement, our very special collection consists of five US coins minted between... More 

1921 Last Year Morgan Silver Dollar Complete Mint Mark Collection

CODE: d503n4615


This beautiful collection features three 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars, one from each of the three mints (Philadelphia Mint, San Francisco Mint and Denver... More 

Jingle Bucks Colorized $5 Bill

CODE: d503n5720


“And to all a good night!”  Inspired by the spirit of Christmas, our artists have enhanced the reverse of the $5 Bill with this delightful,... More 

Complete World War II Coin Collection

CODE: d503n4481


Spanning the five long and difficult years of America's fight, this is the largest and most complete set of wartime coins we have ever offered. The 68... More 

Bankers Bag of 1943 Lincoln Steel Pennies

CODE: d503n3038


Minted in anticipation of a copper shortage during World War II, these unique steel pennies minted in 1943 have stood the test of time. Now worth far more... More 

2004 Colorized Statehood Quarters

CODE: d503n3084


The most popular coin series in U.S. history just got better. This state quarter collection is brilliantly colorized to bring out every subtle detail of the... More