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Browse our inventory of scout coins and scout stamps here and get the exact items you need. We are happy to offer our inventory to customers at great prices. We carry several different collections of scout coins and cases for to hold them. Find what you need below and order now!

2008 Gold-Layered State Quarters


2008 Colorized Statehood Quarters


2009 Colorized Washington D.C. and U.S. Te...


Strange But True Framed Collection


Lincoln Framed Tribute Collection


Kennedy Framed Tribute Collection


Washington Framed Tribute Collection


Jefferson Framed Tribute Collection


2009P & D Lincoln Bicentennial Pennies Gra...


Peace Silver Dollar Collection


1999 Colorized Statehood Quarters


2000 Colorized Statehood Quarters


2001 Colorized Statehood Quarters


Complete Walking Liberty Half Dollar Colle...


Complete Franklin Silver Half Dollar Colle...


America's First Commemorative Coin - the C...


Proof Sets of the 70's & 80's


Lincoln Memorial Penny Collection 1959-2008


2002 Colorized Statehood Quarters


2003 Colorized Statehood Quarters


100-Years of U.S Mint Coin Designs


The Last Silver Eagles of the 20th Century


Americana Yesteryear Coin Set


Americana Vanishing Classics Set


Americana Presidents Collection


Treasure Chest of 1 Lb of Lincoln Wheat-Ea...


Treasure Chest of 51 Historic Coins


2004 Colorized Statehood Quarters


Large Irish Lucky Penny


America Goes to War


2000 Colorized American Silver Eagle


Eisenhower Dollar Collection