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Browse our inventory of scout coins and scout stamps here and get the exact items you need. We are happy to offer our inventory to customers at great prices. We carry several different collections of scout coins and cases for to hold them. Find what you need below and order now!

Silver Barber Dime Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n711


With its precision cast handle our Collector Knife features a winged motif along with a genuine Silver Barber Dime minted from 1892-1916.  Set in a... More 

Spirit of the American West Coin & Stamp Collection

CODE: d503n112


A superb collection that celebrates our great country's westward expansion in archival artwork, coins of the era, and commemorative postage stamps.... More 

Spirit of the American West Coin Collection

CODE: d503n1751


This collection includes the most popular of coins, the Indian Penny struck from 1859 to 1909, the Liberty Nickel struck from 1883 to 1912 and the Buffalo... More 

Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n11453


A proud pocket knife displays a bygone era of the American Quarter's history in its handle.  The front of this knife’s wood-grain handle... More 

Strange But True Framed Collection

CODE: d503n611


Revisit the remarkable coincidences in the lives of American presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy on our Strange But True plaque.  They were... More 

The Complete Gold-Layered Statehood Quarter Collection 1999-2008

CODE: d503n233


Includes the complete collection of all 50 Statehood Quarters in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition all layered in pure 24k Gold.  The Statehood Quarter... More 

The Last 25 Years of Lincoln Wheat Penny Collection (1934-1958)

CODE: d503n7422


The last twenty-five years of the Lincoln wheat-ear cent meet in our unique collection.  Designed by Victor Brenner in honor of the 100th... More 

The Last Silver Eagles of the 20th Century

CODE: d503n2415


Set includes 10 American Silver Eagles, 1 from each year from 1990-1999.  All are in choice brilliant uncirculated condition.  Each coin is... More 

The New York Times World War II Coin & Stamp Collection

CODE: d503n50006


The New York Times Front Page Dated May 8, 1945 headlines our World War II Coin and Stamp Collection.  This handsome collection includes 3 U.S. 1943... More 


CODE: d503n7228


This coin collection includes 100 of our favorite foreign coins in a beautiful wooden treasure chest.  Old and new favorites from major-nation... More 

Treasure Chest of 1 Lb of Lincoln Wheat-Ear Pennies

CODE: d503n2894


Open this treasure chest and find 1 pound of genuine Lincoln Wheat Ear pennies.  Minted 1909-1958, the coin honors the 100th anniversary of Lincoln's... More 

Treasure Chest of 51 Historic Coins

CODE: d503n3033


Share the thrill of hunting through unsearched coins discovered in a forgotten corner of America’s heartland. Imagine the fun of opening your own... More 

Unique One Year Rarities

CODE: d503n187


This seven piece collection contains rare American coinage that was minted for only one year.  The unique collection contains a Lincoln Steel Penny,... More 

USA Four Most Famous Coins

CODE: d503n7269


The four most famous American coins make an historic statement in our nicely mounted collection.  It features the Bicentennial half dollar with JFK... More 

Washington Framed Tribute Collection

CODE: d503n806


Hang a piece of history on your wall with this tribute to George Washington.  Displayed in an artistic hanging frame containing a 1976 Washington... More 

World War II Collection

CODE: d503n5822


Created to honor a time of unequalled American pride, sacrifices and achievement, our very special collection consists of five US coins minted between... More