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Civil War Coin & Stamp Collection

CODE: d503n11228


A wonderful collection of coins and stamps honoring the freedoms gained during the Civil War are featured in this Civil War Coin and Stamp... More 

New York Times Pearl Harbor Portfolio

CODE: d503n50000


The New York Times Headline "Japan Wars On U.S. And Britain" announces the attack on Pearl Harbor bringing World War II to United States... More 

The New York Times World War II Coin & Stamp Collection

CODE: d503n50006


The New York Times Front Page Dated May 8, 1945 headlines our World War II Coin and Stamp Collection.  This handsome collection includes 3 U.S. 1943... More 

New York Times Civil War Coin & Stamp Collection

CODE: d503n50009


The New York Times headlines Grant's Victory At Richmond in this beautifully framed Civil War Coin and Stamp Collection.  An official... More 

New York Times Bicentennial Coin Collection

CODE: d503n50026


Where were you when the United States turned 200 years old?  Have fun reminiscing with this bicentennial tribute.  Enjoy reading an official... More 

1800s Indian Cent Arrowhead Men's Pendant

CODE: d503n11501


Inspired by the Native American's arrowhead used for hunting, the 1800s Indian Cent Arrowhead Men's Pendant is masculine in detail.  The... More 

Gold-Layered, Dual-Dated Bicentennial Quarter Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n2563


An inspiring collectible celebrating the birth of the nation. The front of this knife’s wood-grain handle frames the 1776-1976 Bicentennial... More 

1943 Lincoln Steel Penny Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n11213


Minted during World War II, the Lincoln Steel Penny coated in zinc gleams against the embellished wood grain handle of this handsome pocket knife. ... More 

Liberty Nickel Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n11214


Minted from 1883 to 1912, the Liberty Nickel, often referred to as the V nickel  for the Roman numeral on the back is composed 75% copper and 25%... More 

2005 Westward Journey Bison Nickel Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n11215


Minted in 2005, the Westward Journey Nickel, brought the Bison back to the obverse design of a U.S. coin after a 67 year hiatus.  The nickel honors... More 

Jefferson Wartime Silver Nickel Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n11216


Minted during World War II, the Jefferson Wartime Nickel is composed of 35% Silver, 9% Manganese and 56% copper, and rests securely against the... More 

1909 "First-Year-of-Issue" Lincoln Wheat Penny Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n11217


Minted in 1909, the Lincoln Wheat Penny is the first U.S. minted coin to honor an American President.  This first-year-of-issue gleams against the... More 

1883 "First-Year-of-Issue" Gold-Layered "Racketeer" Liberty Nickel

CODE: d503n11218


Minted in 1883, the "Racketeer" Nickel, the first-year-of-issue Liberty Nickel is composed 75% copper and 25% nickel.  Called the... More 

Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Pocket Knife

CODE: d503n11453


A proud pocket knife displays a bygone era of the American Quarter's history in its handle.  The front of this knife’s wood-grain handle... More 

Spirit of the American West Coin & Stamp Collection

CODE: d503n112


A superb collection that celebrates our great country's westward expansion in archival artwork, coins of the era, and commemorative postage stamps.... More 

10 Years of Liberty Nickels

CODE: d503n132


Own ten years of the Liberty nickel with this well-priced collection.  One of America's most interesting vintage coins, it was designed in 1883 by... More