Boy Scout Coins

Boy Scout Coins

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At the Boy Scout Store, we are happy to offer a variety of boy scout coins to our customers. Some of these are rare and you'd be hard-pressed to find these elsewhere on the internet. Browse through our selection of boy scout coins and pick up some as a gift for yourself or your favorite scout!

National Youth Leadership Training Coin

CODE: r500n00166


Learning over the course of six days what they will practice for the rest of their lives, the Boy Scouts who participate in National Youth Leadership... More 

Boy Scout 2012 Calendar Medal

CODE: r500n00071


  Any current Boy Scout or adult who learned the lessons of Scouting as a lad will want this historic 2012 Boy Scouts of America Scout Oath... More 

BSA Engravable Coin

CODE: r500n00155


The Boy Scouts of America Universal Emblem engravable coin makes a great gift – an award that commemorates a special Boy Scout accomplishment or... More 

Boy Scout 2011 Calendar Medal

CODE: r500n00064


The 2011 Boy Scouts of America New Generations Calendar Medal honors the future while recalling Scouting’s values and traditions as the foundation... More 

100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion

CODE: r500n00063


100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion   Treasure your Boy Scout memories while celebrating Scouting’s first centennial with this... More 

Order of The Arrow Coin

CODE: r500n00009


Founded in 1922, the Order of the Arrow is an organization within the Boy Scouts of America devoted to promoting Scout camping and enhancing the... More 

Scout Rank Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00010


The Scout Badge is the first badge a Boy Scout receives and signifies the beginning into Scouting life. To earn the Scout badge, candidates must convey... More 

Tenderfoot Scout Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00011


The Tenderfoot rank is awarded upon completion of a number of requirements in the areas of physical fitness, civic and community service, camping, and other... More