Cub Scout Coins

Cub Scout Coins

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At the Boy Scout Store, we are happy to offer a variety of cub scout coins to our customers. Some of these are rare and you'd be hard-pressed to find these elsewhere on the internet. Browse through our selection of cub scout coins and pick up some as a gift for yourself or your favorite scout!

100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion

CODE: r500n00063


100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion   Treasure your Boy Scout memories while celebrating Scouting’s first centennial with this... More 

Boy Scout 2011 Calendar Medal

CODE: r500n00064


The 2011 Boy Scouts of America New Generations Calendar Medal honors the future while recalling Scouting’s values and traditions as the foundation... More 

Cub Scout Engravable Coin

CODE: r500n00160


The Cub Scout engravable coin is the perfect award for a good deed that deserves to be remembered, or any other triumph or event in a Cub Scout’s... More 

Boy Scout 2012 Calendar Medal

CODE: r500n00071


  Any current Boy Scout or adult who learned the lessons of Scouting as a lad will want this historic 2012 Boy Scouts of America Scout Oath... More 

Cub Scout Promise Coin

CODE: r500n00008


Comprised of just 28 words, the Cub Scout Promise forms the foundation of the Scouting® philosophy and conveys the expectations of all boys... More 

Cub Scout Law of The Pack Coin

CODE: r500n00021


The Law of the Pack reflects the goal of Cub Scouting to help young boys mature into better people. It describes the Cub Scout's responsibilities to... More 

Cub Scout Motto Coin

CODE: r500n00022


Facing every challenge with an eagerness to achieve success and learn new skills, Cub Scouts strengthen their pack and the larger community. The Cub... More 

Tiger Cub Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00002


Those who have earned the Tiger Cub rank demonstrate a firm understanding of the basic Scouting® principles and a strong interest in living these... More 

Bobcat Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00003


The first rank earned by all Cub Scouts, the Bobcat rank symbolizes the commitment to achievement that is the foundation of all Scouting life. In earning... More 

Wolf Cub Scout Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00004


Those who achieve the Wolf Cub rank exhibit a deepening commitment to Scouting® life and a growing knowledge of Scouting principles and programs.... More 

Bear Cub Scout Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00005


Cub Scouts who have earned the Bear Cub Scout rank demonstrate a strong sense of self and a deep desire to contribute to and strengthen their community.... More 

Webelos Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00006


As senior Cub Scouts, Webelos have the responsibility of leading by example and are required to serve as role models and trainers to younger Cub Scouts.... More 

Arrow of Light Insignia Coin

CODE: r500n00007


The most sought-after award in Cub Scouting™, the Arrow of Light is only presented to those who demonstrate the highest commitment to the ideals of... More