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Scout Leadership Coins for all Levels of Leaders

At the Boy Scout Store, we don't just cater to the scouts themselves. We also carry items specifically for leadership! Our scout leadership coins are great things to have with you or even to give as a gift. Order leadership coins today!

National Youth Leadership Training Coin

CODE: r500n00166


Learning over the course of six days what they will practice for the rest of their lives, the Boy Scouts who participate in National Youth Leadership... More 

Boy Scout 2012 Calendar Medal

CODE: r500n00071


  Any current Boy Scout or adult who learned the lessons of Scouting as a lad will want this historic 2012 Boy Scouts of America Scout Oath... More 

BSA Engravable Coin

CODE: r500n00155


The Boy Scouts of America Universal Emblem engravable coin makes a great gift – an award that commemorates a special Boy Scout accomplishment or... More 

Cub Scout Engravable Coin

CODE: r500n00160


The Cub Scout engravable coin is the perfect award for a good deed that deserves to be remembered, or any other triumph or event in a Cub Scout’s... More 

Sea Scouts Engravable Coin

CODE: r500n00165


The Sea Scout engravable coin makes a great gift – an award that commemorates a special Sea Scout accomplishment or special occasion in a Sea... More 

Boy Scout 2011 Calendar Medal

CODE: r500n00064


The 2011 Boy Scouts of America New Generations Calendar Medal honors the future while recalling Scouting’s values and traditions as the foundation... More 

100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion

CODE: r500n00063


100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion   Treasure your Boy Scout memories while celebrating Scouting’s first centennial with this... More 

Webelos Den Leader Coin

CODE: r500n00025


Organizing, planning, and supervising events that offer new opportunities and challenges for growing boys, Webelos den leaders play a crucial role in... More 

Venturing Advisor Coin

CODE: r500n00026


Providing guidance and leadership to young adults seeking new adventures beyond Boy Scouts, Venturing Advisors support the continued growth of the Venturing... More 

Venturing Associate Advisor Coin

CODE: r500n00027


As an adult of 21 or older, a Venturing Associate Advisor serves a crew by performing duties assigned by the Venturing Advisor. These are often... More 

Sea Scouts Skipper Coin

CODE: r500n00028


As the leader of a Sea Scout crew, the Skipper is charged with planning, organizing, and implementing activities designed to help young adults gain nautical... More 

Cub Scouts Cubmaster Coin

CODE: r500n00029


Essential to the success of Cub Scout programs, Cubmasters provide leadership and mentoring to Scouts and adult volunteers in their pack. These dedicated... More 

Cub Scouts Assistant Cubmaster Coin

CODE: r500n00030


The assistant Cubmaster is an essential aide in the structure of a Cub Scout pack and in the growth of the boys involved. The assistant Cubmaster... More 

Cub Scouts Pack Committee Chairman Coin

CODE: r500n00031


Boys cannot grow as Cub Scouts without the hard work of the Pack Committee and its Chairman. By taking responsibility for details of organization... More 

Cub Scouts Den Leader Coin

CODE: r500n00032


Relishing in their role as the boy's primary interaction with adult Cub Scout leadership, Den Leaders maintain a friendly relationship with Cub Scouts,... More 

Boy Scouts Scoutmaster Coin

CODE: r500n00033


Boys actively involved in Scouting are naturally inquisitive and eager to learn. They benefit most by discovery. The Scoutmaster is responsible for... More 

Boy Scouts Assistant Scoutmaster Coin

CODE: r500n00034


Most successful troops are supported by several Assistant Scoutmasters. Each is assigned specific program duties and reports to the Scoutmaster.... More 

Boy Scouts Troop Committee Chairman Coin

CODE: r500n00035


Many tasks are required to support a troop. The Troop Committee Chairman ensures that the Troop Committee is active and involved with the troop. Whether... More 

Boy Scouts Commissioner Coin

CODE: r500n00036


Commissioners are extremely important volunteers who ensure the success of the Boy Scouts of America. A commissioner may oversee a unit, a roundtable, a... More