Wood Badge

Boy Scout Wood Badge

Find Variations of the Wood Badge at Boy Scout Store

Browse our selection of several types of the Boy Scout wood badge. At very low prices, you can stock up on as many wood badge types you'd like! We are happy to offer our products at low prices for our customers. Look for the wood badge you want and order today!

2000 Pilot Wood Badge Course Patch


Antelope Figure Patch


Antelope Gilwell Troop 1 Patch


Antelope Oval Bead Patch


Antelope PM Tan


Antelope PM Wood Badge Patrol


Antelope Walking Stick Top


Antelope Woggle Patch


Antelope Wood Badge Hiking Stick Medallion


Antelope Wood Badge Medallion


Antelope Woodbadge PM Troop 1


Axe and Log Figure Patch


Axe and Log Gilwell Troop 1 Patch


Axe and Log Woggle Patch


Bear Figure Patch


Bear Gilwell Troop 1 Patch