Wood Badge

Boy Scout Wood Badge

Find Variations of the Wood Badge at Boy Scout Store

Browse our selection of several types of the Boy Scout wood badge. At very low prices, you can stock up on as many wood badge types you'd like! We are happy to offer our products at low prices for our customers. Look for the wood badge you want and order today!

Woodbadge Buffalo Patch

CODE: b215n00091


Woodbadge Buffalo Patch.  Mint condition.

Buffalo Belt Buckle

CODE: b219n00008


Buffalo Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Woodbadge Belt Buckle

CODE: b219n00010


Woodbadge Belt Buckle.  Excellent condition.

Woodbadge Stickers Bear

CODE: a025h35515


Woodbadge Stickers Bear

Woodbadge Neckerchief Slide - Woggle

CODE: r200n00023


A woggle is a device to fasten the neckerchief, or scarf, worn as part of the Scout uniform, originated by a Tasmanian Scout in the 1920s.  This... More 

Woodbadge Patrol Medallions Classic Red and Black

CODE: a003n00001


Woodbadge Patrol Medallions Classic Red and Black.  Mint in original package.

Woodbadge Axe in Log Patch w/Two Beads

CODE: b208n00049


1969 NJ Patch.  Mint condition.

Bear Patrol Medallion Scenery

CODE: c047n00230


Proudly display this Bear Patrol Medallion on your uniform to show your affiliation. This is great to have before you leave for Wood Badge or after you... More