Antelope Patrol

Antelope Wood Badge

Get the Antelope Wood Badge here.

The BSA gives you the opportunity to display the Antelope wood badge to show your wood badge loyalty. If you can claim that you were once an antelope, then the antelope wood badge is for you. It also makes a great gift!

An Antelope Patrol Scout Walking Stick Top is the perfect way to remember your Wood Badge experience. On the top of your walking stick, this eye-catching...
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Proudly display this Antelope patch to show your Wood Badge loyalty.  For all those who can claim, "I used to be an antelope".This is a great gift for...
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One of Scouting's most cherished leadership programs, Wood Badge brings adult leaders together to train and learn the principals Scouting was founded...
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An Antelope Patrol Scout medallion is the perfect way to display your allegiance to your fellow Wood Badge® patrol members. In your pocket or...
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