BSA Wood Badge

BSA Wood Badge
Get a BSA General Wood Badge Here

Get a mint condition BSA Wood Badge and to award excellent achievements! There are many BSA Wood Badges for the different achievements/awards that someone may earn.  Get them all here and support the BSA.


Wood Badge Beads Patch for Boy Scout Leader Uniforms

CODE: c047n00150


Looking for patches for your Boy Scout Leader Uniform ? Proudly display this Wood Badge Beads patch to show your Wood Badge loyalty.  This is a... More 

Engravable Wood Badge Medallion

CODE: r500n00105


An engravable Wood Badge Values coin is the perfect way to display your allegiance to your fellow Wood Badge members. Send a personal note to a... More 

2000 Pilot Wood Badge Course Patch

CODE: b023n02387


2000 Pilot Wood Badge Course Patch. Mint condition. Held at Camp Maple Dell, Utah National Parks Council, Western Region.

Woodbadge "Greenie" Neckerchief

CODE: b075n02701


Woodbadge "Greenie" Neckerchieff. Mint condition. Discontinued by National BSA.

Woodbadge Knot Four Bead Red

CODE: r002n05205d


Woodbadge Knot Four Bead Red. Mint condition.

Woodbadge Knot Two Bead Red

CODE: r002n05203d


Woodbadge Knot Two Bead Red. Mint condition.

Gilwell CSP Yellow Border

CODE: r002n08352d


Gilwell CSP Yellow Border. Mint condition.

Woodbadge Jacket Patch Red

CODE: r003n12559


Woodbadge Jacket Patch Red. 6" in diameter.  Mint condition.