BSA Wood Badge

BSA Wood Badge
Get a BSA General Wood Badge Here

Get a mint condition BSA Wood Badge and to award excellent achievements! There are many BSA Wood Badges for the different achievements/awards that someone may earn.  Get them all here and support the BSA.


Woodbadge Patrols Jacket Patch

CODE: r003n12558


Woodbadge Patrols Jacket Patch. 7" in diameter.  Mint condition.

Woodbadge Neckerchief

CODE: b101n12277


Woodbadge Neckerchief. Excellent condition.

Woodbadge Name Tag Blank

CODE: b054n13848


Santa Fe Trail CSP T-2a

Woodbadge Troop 1 Strip

CODE: r005n02013


Woodbadge Troop 1 Strip. Mint condition.

Woodbadge Jacket Patch Patrols

CODE: c027n10605


Woodbadge Patrols Jacket Patch. Measures 7" wide and 5 3/4" high.  Mint condition.

Gilwell CSP

CODE: c024n04449


Gilwell CSP. Mint condition.

Woodbadge Neckerchief

CODE: c024n12277


Woodbadge Neckerchief. Mint condition.

Woodbadge "Greenie" Neckerchief

CODE: c034n35780


Woodbadge "Greenie" Neckerchief. Mint condition. Discontinued by National BSA.