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Have Fun Boy Scout Activities at Your Next Outing!

At the Boy Scout Store, we offer several books containing ideas for fun boy scout activities. If you are tired of the same old routine during your scouting adventures, pick up one of our books today and learn about the many fun boy scout activities there are!

Order from us today and have more fun at your next scout gathering with theses activities books!

Scout Games Book

CODE: r200s00040


The Scout Games book is a collection of more then 50 scout games. It is designed to help Scoutmasters deliver fun meetings for their scouts. This book... More 

Getting Started in Pinewood Derby: Step-by-Step Workbook to Building Your First Car

CODE: r215sn00001


Follow along with cool kid Dash Derby as he takes you and your child through seven easy steps to building your first pinewood derby race car together. No... More 

Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets: Design and Build the Ultimate Car

CODE: r215sn00010


With hundreds of color photographs, and clear diagrams and illustrations, this is the only book on the market to guide parents and children through the... More 

Building the Fastest Pinewood Derby Car: Speed Secrets for Crossing the Finish Line First!

CODE: r215sn00005


There is no secret to creating a winning pinewood derby car; all racers need is a great design and an understanding of these tips that trick their cars out... More 

Scout Riddle Book

CODE: r200s00003


The most complete set of Scout Riddles ever assembled.  This special edition features riddles about camping, hiking, Scout lore, and a lot more.... More 

Scout Jokes

CODE: r200s00004


Scout Jokes is a collection of some of the funniest good clean jokes that have been shared along winderness trails.  This book features some characters... More 

Scout Puzzle & Activity Book

CODE: r200s00005


Scout Puzzle & Activity Book is designed to challenge Scouters of all ages.  This book features Word Searches, Crosswords, Mazes, Numerical... More 

Scout Cheers

CODE: r200s00009


A collection of cheers, yells, and applause appropriate for use with Scouts of any age.  Cheers can be used to liven up any Scouting event.  They... More