Boy Scout Books for Leaders

Find Inspirational Ideas and Messages For Leaders In These Boy Scout Books

Here is where scout leaders can find boy scout books geared toward them. There are inspirational ideas and messages to motivate scout leaders to be the best they can be and set a great example for their troop. These boy scout books are suitable for all audiences as well. Browse around now and find the book you need!

Scoutmaster's Minutes II

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Due to the popularity of Scoutmaster's Minutes this second collection of minutes for use by Scoutmaster and youth leaders has been created. Finding... More 

Scout Shorts

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Here's what a Scout Leader can really expect when dealing with Scout in their Troop! Reading the Scoutmaster's Handbook can give you all of the "Nut and... More 

Threads of Honor

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Threads of Honor is a true story of courage and sacrifice, of Boy Scouts learning about perseverance, of the great men and women of the American space... More 

The Legend of Andrew & Christopher

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The Legend of Andrew & Christopher is the inspirational story of a lonely teen and a compassionate veteran who are drawn to each other like father and... More 

Scouting For Boys Centennial Edition

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A Handbook for Scouters and Scouts For the New Millennium.  There have been many dramatic chagnesin the last 100 years.  They include television,... More 

We Are Americans, We Are Scouts

CODE: r205sn00001


We Are Americans, We Are Scouts is a superb collection of carefully selected motivational anecdotes and quotations from Theodore Roosevelt, the first... More 

In Our Own Way

CODE: r205sn00002


In this brilliant and illuminating work, Dr. Edmonds has assembled the nation's religious leaders from every major world faith tradition, to celebrate the... More 

Trails to Testimony

CODE: r207sn00001


Trails to Testimony: Bringing Young Men to Christ Through Scouting - President Gordon B. Hinckley said, "There is no more significant work in this world... More 

The Scouting Party

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Set in the Progressive Era so dominated by President Theodore Roosevelt, The Scouting Party tells the story of the strong-minded and at times conflicting... More