Older Boy Scout Resource Books

Boy Scout Books to Improve Your Scouting Experience

Looking to add more to your scouting as a teacher, parent, or scout?  These other boy scout books will improve your experience as a scout, and increase the learning and fun of scouting.  Browse our selection of Boy Scout Books here.

Fieldbook 1967

CODE: c024n35098


Fieldbook. April 1967 printing. Very good condition.

Fieldbook 1967

CODE: c024n35101


Fieldbook. April 1967 printing. Good condition. Cover wear.

Scout How Book

CODE: c024n35116


Scout How Book. July 1971 printing. Very good condition.

Troop Activities 1968

CODE: c024n35047


Troop Activities 1968. March 1968 printing. Very good condition.

Service Library - Nature Collections

CODE: c024n35045


Nature Collections. Boy Scouts of America Service Library. Copyrihgt 1929. Very good condition.

Camping and Activities

CODE: c024n35027


Camping and Activities- The Local Council Manual. March 1940 printing. Very good condition.

Venturing Pocket Guide/Quick Reference

CODE: b206n00043


Venturing Pocket Guide/Quick Reference.  Mint condition.

Service Library - Metal Craft Methods

CODE: c024n34634


Metal Craft Methods Booklet. January 1935 printing. Writing a Front cover othertwise in very good condition.