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Boy Scout Books

Order the Boy Scout Books You Need Today

Make your next camping trip or scouting experience a great one! Our boy scout books contain ideas about how to have creative campfires, fun sing-a-longs, great ideas for activities, and much more. Browse our library of boy scout books below and pick one up!

Service Library - Projects in Leather

CODE: c024n34343


Projects in Leather. Copyright 1930 Very good condition.

Fieldbook 1984

CODE: a013n34310


Fieldbook. 1984 printing. Very good condition.

Fieldbook 1971

CODE: a013n34311


Fieldbook 1971. June 1971 printing. Very good condition.

Fly Navy

CODE: r211sn00004

$25.99   $21.99

  Top Gun was only part of the story. Fly Navy delves beyond the Hollywood image to reveal the true mettle and genuine story of the elite men... More 

Boy Scout Songbook 1962

CODE: a013n34263


Boy Scout Songbook. January 1962 printing. Fair to good condition.

Service Library - Metal Craft Methods

CODE: c024n34235


Metal Craft Methods Booklet. April 1951 printing. Very good condition.

Fieldbook 1949

CODE: a013n34193


Scout Field Book 1949. December 1949 printing. Very good condition.

Book of Scouting

CODE: c024n34208


Book of Scouting. The golden anniversary. Excellent condition.

Troop Activities 1964

CODE: a013n34028


Troop Activities 1964. January 1964 printing. Excellent condition.

Troop Activities 1965

CODE: a013n34029


Troop Activities 1965. December 1965 printing. Excellent condition.

Knots and How To Tie Them

CODE: a013n33997


Knots and How To Tie  Them. September 1960 printing. Good condition.

Fieldbook 1959

CODE: a013n34005


Scout Field Book 1959. February 1959 printing. Very good condition.

Boy Scout Songbook 1958

CODE: a013n33980


Boy Scout Songbook. August 1958 printing. Very good condition.

Boy Scout Songbook 1958

CODE: a013n33981


Boy Scout Songbook, August 1958 printing. very good condition.

Boy Scout Songbook 1961

CODE: a013n33982


Boy Scout Songbook. January 1961 printing. Good condition.

Boy Scout Songbook 1964

CODE: a013n33984


Boy Scout Songbook. November 1964 printing. Good condition.