Boy Scout Motto:

”Be Prepared!”

Boy Scout Motto Meaning

Being prepared is essential to being a good Scout since Scouts can face a number of different situations in the wilderness or elsewhere, so the Boy Scout Motto has always been part of Scouting. Robert Baden-Powell (the founder of Scouting) wrote in Scouting for Boys that to “Be Prepared” means the following:

”…you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty.”

Baden-Powell also said that being prepared involved both body and mind. Below are some explainations of what it means to be prepared in both body and mind.

  • Being Prepared in Body: Being physically active is important for every Scout. It enables Scouts to take action when they need to, and it is crucial to wilderness survival skills. If a Scout is prepared in body then he is able to act on behalf of others and himself to stay safe in physically demanding situations. Scouts should spend time everyday being active, whether through exercise, play or other activities.
  • Being Prepared in Mind: Preparation of mind is also crucial to being prepared. When Scouts are able to understand a problem then they can access the best solution for the situation. Scouts can discipline their mind through frequent study, including a comprehensive understanding of the Scout manuals and guides.

Scouting is designed to enable Scouts to help themselves and the world around them. By following the Boy Scout Motto to “Be Prepared” both physically and mentally, Scouts will be able to do the right thing at the right moment.