BSA Merit Badges Requirements

Popular BSA Merit Badges & Their Requirements

Merit badges have been an important part of Scouting since the beginning of the Boy Scout program in 1907, and there are currently over 130 merit badges—though Scouts don’t have to get all of them. Some of the required, most popular and most difficult BSA Merit Badges to attain include: the Personal Fitness Merit Badge, the Personal Management Merit Badge, the Camping Merit Badge, and the Family Life Merit Badge.

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

The Personal Fitness Merit Badge is one of the merit badges required to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, and it’s no walk in the park. To receive this BSA merit badge, Scouts must receive a physical examination, demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness principles, test and measure their physical fitness, design and follow a 12-week fitness improvement plan, and show improvement in every area after the 12 week period. Though this badge is one of the more difficult in Scouting, Scouts apply what they learn for a healthier life.

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Personal Management Merit Badge

One of the first requirements for the Personal Management Merit Badge is to make a balanced budget based on the Scout’s income and expenses. Additionally, Scouts must create a savings and purchase plan for a major expense, plan a project such as a camping trip, and demonstrate understanding stock, loans, bonds and other financial tools. There are also several other requirements, and many Scouts agree that this BSA merit badge is tough but worth it!

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Camping Merit Badge

To get the Camping Merit Badge, Scouts must learn first aid for camping-related illnesses and injuries, make a complete plan for an overnight trek with all the details, and show that they have camped out at least 20 days and 20 nights, among other things. Robert Baden-Powell (who started the Scout program) believed that people able to take care of themselves in the outdoors would be able to face many of life’s other challenges. The Camping Merit Badge has been around for 1911, and it’s still one of the most important BSA merit badges!

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Family Life Merit Badge

The Family Life Merit Badge teaches Scouts about the importance of the family unit to societies. Scouts who earn this badge will be able to strengthen their families. To get this badge, Scouts must list and do chores for 90 days, plan and carry out a large project that will benefit their family, and plan and carry out a family meeting, among other things.  When Scouts earn this BSA merit badge, they will be prepared to be great sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands.