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The Pro Wheel Mandrel is a precision machined tool designed to hold Pinewood Derby Car Wheels for preparing them for racing. It features a knurled knob for tool-less use, a stepped shaft face for reverse mounting of B.S.A. wheels and a stepped body for use in all low speed rotary tools.

This precision-machined tool will accurately mount B.S.A. Pine-Car & Awana Pinewood Derby Car wheel in the chuck of a drill or lathe. Benefits include:

  1. Accurately machined shaft allows for precision use in any drill chuck or Dremel-type tool.
  2. Step-down on shaft allows BSA wheels to be mounted with the ‘spokes’ facing the drill chuck, simplifying work on the inside edge of the tread.
  3. Knurled thumb screw eliminates the need to use a screwdriver to mount a wheel (a clumsy operation with the standard mandrel).
  4. Beveled thumb screw ensures that the wheel mounts accurately on the mandrel.
  5. Screw can be replaced should it be lost or bent.

The Pro Body Jig easily places the axle holes perpendicular to the centerline of the car and ensures parallelism in the axles front to rear. This helps insure correct tracking of the car and aids in alignment. 

The Pro Body Jig locates all of the axle holes at the same height on the body which helps ensure the car is sitting square to the track, for a equally balanced car left to right and an aid in alignment. 


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