Cow Tipping Merit Badge

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Cow Tipping Merit Badge. Mint condition.

What a sport.  No really this does work.  Try it sometime.  You have earned this merit badge if you have:

Tipped a cow over sideways.  Period.

Now there are some tricks to making this happen.  First of all you need to pick the right size cow.  If they are too small they will just run away.  If they are too big you could get a hernia trying.  If you pick a bull, they might tip you over.  Next you will need to be pushing from the side.  Pushing from the front just makes them mad.  Pushing from the back can get your "dirty".  Now that you have piced the right size cow and are ready to push from the side, give it all you have and presto over goes the cow.

Remember you can award this merit badge to someone you think qualifies but most of those who do this successfully will apply for this one on their own.  It's the one that don't do it successffuly that are fun to present this merit badge to.

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