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Estes and Other Model Rocket Engines From the Boy Scout Store

Looking for quality model rocket engines and parts? You've come to the right place! Wow your friends with incredible rocket shows by purchasing one of our model rocket kits. If you just need model rocket engines, then we have those for you as well. You can find anything you need right here in our online store. Order your model rocket engines and other supplies today!

Estes Savage Flying Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00540


Single or 2-stage, the Savage can reach amazing heights up to 1600 feet! Standing 31.75 inches tall, this rocket is impressive on the launch pad and in the... More 

Estes Humdinger Flying Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00535


Who says fun doesn't come in small packages! The Humdinger, a mini engine powered rocket can fly up to 1100 feet and is only .54 inches in diameter. Now,... More 

Estes Rogue Voyager Flying Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00484


A uniquely designed rocket with external air intakes, the Rogue Voyager can reach heights of 550 feet. This rocket is brought back to earth with a 12 inch... More 

Estes Banshee Flying Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00296


The Banshee was a crowd pleaser in the 90's and is sure to still be a hit today. No painting is necessary as all parts are pre-colored. So a few hours of... More 

Estes Mix-It Up Flying Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00316


With the Mix-It Up, something new and different has arrived at ESTES - multi-colored plastic parts. No painting is necessary. Off to the flying field with... More 

Estes AGM-57X Heatseeker Flying Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00311


The AGM-57X Heatseeker gets you to the flying field quick! No painting is necessary as all parts are pre-colored. Building the Heatseeker is simple and... More 

Estes Centuri Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00446


A multi-finned misssle powered by standard engines, the Centuri can reach heights of 600 feet. Parachute recovery brings this awesome rocket back to earth.... More 

Estes 3 Bandits Flying Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00341


Easy to assemble gets you to the flying field quick. 3 rockets, all mini engine powered, can reach heights of 550 feet! Better keep your eyes open for this... More 

Estes Curvilinear Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00411


The Curvilinear is a great addition to Estes’ line of mini engine powered rockets. Don't let the low altitude fool you, this is one awesome rocket!... More 

Estes Black Diamond Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00391


With all pre-colored parts, no painting is necessary and makes for the Black Diamond to be a quick builder. Standing over 26 inches tall, and powered by... More 

Estes Longneck Express Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00355


Fast to the flying field! The Longneck Express is a fully assembled, great looking, really high-flying model rocket. Recoverery is quick with 12 inch... More 

Estes Shooting Star Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00352


Very minor assembly is required. Simply insert the fins into the fin slots and you are ready for blast off! The Shooting Star launches on standard engines... More 

Estes Scrappy Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00346


It just doesn't get any easier than that. Scrappy flies an amazing 575 feet on Estes Mini Engines. Another addition to our Fully Assembled line of rockets.... More 

Estes Slinger Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00351

$10.99   $6.99

Fully assembled and ready to go! Hit the launch pad in style with the Slinger! This cool rocket will reach heights of over 550 feet! The Slinger is an... More 

Estes Hunter's Choice Model Rocket Launch Set

CODE: r305n00102


Two rockets, one launch system, easy to assemble and no paint required means only one thing. More time for fun! With the Hunter's Choice you get two easy... More 

Estes T-Bolt Air Rocket Launch Set

CODE: r305n00236


Simply twist together the air tubes, stand back and have FUN! The T-Bolt Air rocket requires no assembly and is a "blast" to launch! High-Volume launch pump... More 

Estes Rocket-Star Air Rocket Launch Set

CODE: r305n00286


Simply attach the foam launch legs to the foam launch base and you are ready to blast off! The Rocket-Star air rockets are assembled and just waiting to be... More 

Estes Hi-Flier Model Rocket Kit

CODE: r305n00365


The Hi-Flier is one of the most extreme, super performance model rockets you can own. A must-have addition to all Estes high flyers' fleets! The Hi-Flier... More 

Estes Viking Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 pk)

CODE: r305n00290


The Very Versatile Viking is everyone’s favorite research rocket to use with classroom investigations. This rocket has 48 possible fin... More 

Estes Alpha Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 pk)

CODE: r305n00295


The Alpha is the quintessential rocket to use to teach model rocketry! For over 36 years, the Estes Alpha has been the first rocket for millions of model... More