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Crafts & Projects

Boy Scout Crafts and Projects

Great Ideas for Boy Scout Crafts and Projects

Looking for a fun activity for a single scout or an entire scout troop? The Boy Scout Store has boy scout crafts and art projects for any occasion. Browse the possibilities below and find the right idea for you. Your scouts will be loving the boy scout crafts they can create by themselves or in a group.

Prop Shots Ripcord Launch Action Biplane

CODE: r307n00005


Kids can easily propel the airplane into action with the ripcord launcher and then watch it soar up to 30 feet! This sturdy action toy has a plastic body... More 

Lanard 32cm Tube Missile Launcher with One Whistling Foam Rocket

CODE: r307n00015


The latest Lanard pump action rocket launcher features a lightweight foam missile for maximum performance, durability and safety. Extremely easy for young... More 

Guillow's German Fighter Airplane Model Kit

CODE: r307n00035


  The German Fighter is fashioned after WWII's Messerschmitt which was once unmatched in speed, maneuverability and fire power until it met its... More 

Estes A10-0T Model Rocket Engines

CODE: r305n00160


The Estes A10-0T engine is a booster stage engine designed for model rocket flight and has to be used with a mini engine. This engine is for flights in... More 

Estes Model Rocket Altimeter

CODE: r305n00525


A must have for all rocketeers! And a great price too. The Estes Altimeter has a 4 digit LCD read out and displays in English or metric untis. Accurately... More 

Guillow's Rockstar Jet Airplane Model Kit

CODE: r307n00050


The Rockstar Jet is fashioned after corporate aircrafts that often shuttle Rockstars to their various concert locations. The kit contains LASER CUT balsa... More 

Guillow's Stunt Flyer Airplane Model Kit

CODE: r307n00055


The Stunt flyer is fashioned after aerobatic aircrafts which are designed to be as close to ideal for aerobatics as possible, focusing on maneuverability,... More 

CopterToy Police Helicopter

CODE: r307n00075


Wind the rubber motor, let go and this toy helicopter will sour up into the sky. Flies over 40 feet high.  Rubber powered, no batteries required.... More