Boy Scout Scrapbooking Supplies

Fun, Creative and Cheap Boy Scout Scrapbooking Ideas

Scrapbooking has become a huge hobby for many people. We are happy to offer our very own boy scout scrapbooking supplies for sale. You can be as creative as you can with the several varieties of boy scout scrapbooking supplies to choose from. The possibilities are endless! Browse our inventory now and stock up on what you need before it's all gone.
Cub Scout Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00120


These stickers feature colorful images and useful phrases to emphasis experiences from Cub Scouting on clear-backgrounds. Two stickers of the same design... More 

Boy Scout Emblem Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00125


These stickers feature the Boy Scout Emblem which  on clear-backgrounds. Two stickers of the same design per package. Acid and lignin free. Sticker... More 

Boy Scout Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00115


These stickers feature colorful images and useful phrases to emphasis experiences from Scouting on clear-backgrounds. Two stickers of the same design per... More 

Eagle Scout Words Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00038


The highest rank in Scouting, the Eagle is the ultimate achievement.  Capture the Trail to Eagle using this great paper.  Paper features words... More 

Boy Scout Camping Merit Badge Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00039


Everything that comes to your mind with you think of a Scout Camping experience is on this paper.  The Great Outdoors, Adventure, and Leave no Trace... More 

Boy Scout Personal Fitness Merit Badge Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00043


Focusing on mental, physical, social, and emotional health is what this merit badge is all about.  Boys learn the right habits to have a long-term... More 

Boy Scout Zip Line Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00045


Running the Zip Line is one of the many great outdoor adventures that your boy will have.  Capture those outdoor memories on this paper. Acid and... More 

Boy Scout Boating Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00046


Getting out on the water is one of the best parts of scout camps.  Swamping boats, water fights, and learning about boating are just a few of the great... More 

Boy Scout Campsite Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00047


Camping is the best part about Scouting.  You are outdoors seeing the beautiful land.  A lot of fond memories will be made sitting around the... More 

Boy Scout Archery Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00048


The challenge of hitting the target, patience, and focus are many of the memories your scout will have from archery.  Capture those outdoor memories on... More 

Boy Scout Climbing Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00049


Pushing yourself to the limit and making it to the top are some of the feelings your scout will experience when climbing.  Capture those outdoor... More 

Cub Scout Pocket Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00051


The paper features the Cub Scout Uniform Blue Pocket.  This is great paper to show some of the great achievements your Cub Scout has earned. Acid and... More 

Cub Scout Ranks Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00028


This paper features all of the ranks for Cub Scouts; Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos.  Great to highlight the progress your Scout makes... More 

Webelos Rank Paper 12x12

CODE: r301an00030


Remember those fun memories of your Cub Scout earning his Webelos badge and the activity pins, and compass points that go along with this great part of the... More 

Fleur-de-lis Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00026


This paper features the fleur-de-lis.  It is the main element in the logo of most Scouting organizations, representing a major theme in Scouting: the... More 

Boy Scout Ranks Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00027


This paper features all of the ranks for Boy Scouts; Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle.  Great to show the... More 

Boy Scout Law Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00025


This paper features the 12 points of the Scout Law. Great paper to highlight memories for Court of Honor, Advancements, or any other Scouting... More 

Blue and Gold Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00024


The paper highlights some of the biggest Cub Scouting achievements and events.  From the Blue and Gold Banquet to the Arrow of Light.  Use this... More 

Pinewood Derby Paper 12x12

CODE: r301n00023


Get ready to preserve your memories of the Pinewood Derby on this beautiful paper. Acid and lignin free paper. Number of Sheets: 1 Paper Size: 12 x... More 

Webelos Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00013


These stickers feature symbols of the Webelos program which is the last step of Cub Scouting.  Highlight the different activities with these great... More 

Cub Scout Theme Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00014


This sticker sheet features symbols of Cub Scouts like the Progress Beads, Hand Salute, and the Arrow of Light. Perfect for your Cub Scout Scrapbook. Acid... More 

Pinewood Derby Construction Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00015


This sticker sheet is a perfect way to illustrate the construction of a Pinewood Derby car. Acid and lignin free. Sticker Count: 39 Sheet Size: 5 x... More 

Canoeing and Fishing Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00016


This sticker sheet features images of canoeing and fishing.  Includes stickers of canoe, fishing poles, paddles, and Canoeing and Fisher Merit... More 

Camping and First Aid Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00017


These stickers feature camping and first aid images.  Perfect to highlight any camping trip.  Features Camping and First Aid Merit Badges as... More 

Scouting Community Citizenship Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00018


This sticker sheet features images for the Citizenship in the Community.  Great for remembering service projects, volunteering, and other service to... More 

Scout First Aid Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00019


This sticker sheet features images focused on First Aid.  Learning First Aid is a critical part of being a Boy Scout.  Different advancements from... More 

Scout Personal Fitness Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00020


These stickers feature images for the realted to personal fitness.  They include a bicycle, exercise, nutrition, and the Personal Fitness merit... More 

Tiger Cub Theme Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00012


This sticker sheet features symbols the Tiger Cubs, the first level of Scouting.  Must-have for any Tiger Cub Scrapbook. Shows the Salute, Hat,... More 

Boy Scout Facts Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00001


These clear-background stickers feature Timeless Moments and facts in Boy Scout history. These stickers would be perfect for a Title Page or Section Page... More 

Boy Scout Oath, Motto and Slogan Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00003


This clear-background sticker sheet features the words of the Boy Scout Oath, Motto and Slogan.  Perfect for pages that show some of the... More 

Cub Scout Promise, Motto and Law of the Pack Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00004


This clear-background sticker sheet features the Cub Scout Promise and other phrases associated with Cub Scouts. Great for any Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear,... More 

Boy Scout Rank Advancement Sticker Sheet

CODE: r301n00005


This sticker sheet features the patches of Boy Scout rank advancement from Tenderfoot to Eagle Scout. Great to show the progress that your Scout has... More