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Boys cannot grow as Cub Scouts without the hard work of the Pack Committee and its Chairman.

By taking responsibility for details of organization and policy, the Pack Committee Chairman ensures that the pack has a place to meet, and that its policies are set in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America.

Most important, the Pack Committee Chairman leads the Pack Committee in recruiting, selecting, and training the adult leadership for the pack.

These and a host of other responsibilities - from charter renewal to fundraising - make possible the enjoyment of Cub Scout activities and the development of Cub Scouts themselves. This coin salutes the contribution these adults make to Cub Scouts.

This coin is minted in a proprietary brass alloy, given an antique finish and is selectively imbued with durable high-gloss enamel. The reverse has an area that is ready for engraving. This coin comes packaged in a polybag with a header card.

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Chris G.

02/21/2014, 07:29 PM

We are doing an Olympic Blue and Gold theme. The committee chair is leaving as her son is moving up to boy scouts. The engraved coin will be her "gold" medal. The engraving was great. I asked a question and got a very quick response.
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