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Disorienteering - Silly Merit Badge

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Disorienteering Merit Badge.

You have heard someone say "he or she doesn't know up".  This merit badge is for those who don't now North, East, South or West.  You may have earned this merit badge if;

You think a compass is just a weird clock without a second hand. OR

You have followed your turn by turn instructions on your GPS only to find out you entered the wrong state in the address search. OR

You think that the work declination they told you about n the map and compass class means you don't wnat to go there. OR

You have become extremely annoyed with your GPS unit continually saying "reconfiguring".

Remember you can award this merit badge to someone you think qualifies as well as earning it yourself.

Have fun with this silly merit badge about getting lost

This Disorienteering Merit Badge is one of our popular silly merit badges! Each badge shows an anti-compass symbol. Mint condition.

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