FireLight Fire Piston

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This is a great tool for Boy Scout and Scout Leaders for fire lighting demonstrations and camping. Manufactured from see through plexigladd, these fire pistons feature an aluminum piston rod, nylon carry cord ( this cord makes an excellent Bow Drill cord with very low slippage ) and it features the 2nd Generation pressure relief system. At the moment of ignition, a burst of light is emitted inside the fire piston. The transparent FireLight pistons reveal this flash of light as a tiny explosion of heat. 

Designed after the fire pistons developed in Indonesia, this ingenious device makes camping, hunting, or hiking an authentic traditional experience! Simply place a small amount of tinder in the piston cavity, insert the piston into the cylinder, and strike the piston with your palm. Friction does the rest, causing a spark that can then be used to ignite a campfire.

Comes with piston, cylinder, char cloth, and detailed instructions. Don't leave for your next outdoor expedition without it!


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