Guide To Collecting Utah National Parks CSPs

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Guide To Collecting Utah National Parks Council Shoulder Patches.  This guide was compiled by Craig McDaniel.  The guide has pictures of all of the council shoulder patches issued by Utah National Parks Council.  It is not intended to replace the nationally published An Aid to Collection Selected Council Shoulder Insignia.  We tried to list their numbering in the description of each patch.  They list some patches that, in our council, are generally not considered as "official" issues.  These can be found in the back of this guide and/or in the Utah National Parks Jamboree Shoulder Patch Guide and Utah National Parks World Jamboree Shoulder Patch guide. 

To access the guide look at the bottom of the product page and look for the word attachments.  There is a download link there. 

The guide is provided by Mountain Shadow Enterprises at no charge but it is copyrighted.  You are welcome to download it for your personal use. You are welcome to let others know where they can down load it also but we would ask that you not print copies and sell them.  We are trying to encourage others to collect scout memorabilia by making many of our guides available for free on the Boy Scout Store.

The file is large so it may take some time to down load.

Thanks to;

Craig McDaniel with Boy Scout Store and The Scout Market at

gtcunpccsp (UNPC_CSP_Guide.pdf, 12,373 Kb) [Download]