How to Make Boy Scout Camping Fun

Originating in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America have existed for many years. As of 2009, there was an estimated 840,000 active Boy Scout members ranging from 11 to 17 years old. One of the reasons so many people join the Boy Scouts each year is that they are hoping for a great learning experience and also lots of fun in the great outdoors.

Membership to the group requires many different types of outdoor exercises. The main outdoor activity that Boy Scouts experience is camping. Whether it's a weekend excursion, summer long camping trip or a trip that involves multiple troops, Boy Scouts will experience outdoor camping many different time throughout their career.

An important part of the Boy Scout experience, scouts will learn many different valuable life and survival lessons that prove to be essential throughout their entire lives. Scouting outdoors has brought many young men brotherhood through campfire talks and skits. When it comes to Boy Scout camping, there are a wide range of different activities that will help make the experience more entertaining.

Greased Watermelon is Always a Favorite

A very fun Boy Scout camping game, greased watermelon takes place in water that is either chest or waist deep. It should be noted that it's important to play the game with a trained life guard present.

To play, you will need to have a watermelon and some form of grease like Cisco or shortening. When playing this Boy Scout camping game, start by making the watermelon extra slippery with the grease. Next, you want to set up the playing field within the water. This can be done by using surrounding landmarks or by using flotation devices. After everyone has been divided into two different teams, float the watermelon in the center of the playing field to start. At this point, each team will attempt to get the watermelon in the middle of the water and then move it to the opponent's goal line without lifting it.

T-Shirt Relay Race

In order to have a T-shirt relay race, both teams need to have a judge and an XL sized T-shirt. Both teams will create a single file line with the person in front of the line holding the shirt. Once the judge gives each team the initial signal, the person in the front of the line will put on the shirt, then turnaround and hold hands with the second person in line. Continuing to hold hands, each person in line will continue to put the shirt on until the last person has put it on. Whichever team has all of its members put the T-shirt on first, wins.

Hunker Down

One of the most fun Boy Scout camping games to play is Hunker Down. To play this game, you will need 15 feet of rope and two planks of wood. Start by placing the planks 6-8 feet apart and then have two different people stand on each plank. With one end of the rope in each player's hand, each participant will tug on the rope until the other one falls off.

As you can see from the fun and exciting games listed above, when it comes to Boy Scout camping, it is possible never to have a dull moment. These types of games are not only entertaining, but build teamwork and leadership skills at the same time.

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