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Rocket - Estes Splendor Kit
Standing almost 2 feet tall, a clear body tube in the middle of the rocket and a colorful parachute for recovery makes the Splendor a great all around...
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Rocket - Estes Wizard Model Kit (12 pk)
No tricks here - just the most magical, high flying rocket in the Kingdom! The Estes Wizard is an easy to build, high performance rocket that's known for...

Build - Speed Kit
Use this kit to improve the overall performance of your racer. Saves over purchasing items separately. Kit Contents / Specs Wheel turning mandrel...

Shaping - Racer Shaping Tool
Tools you need to transform a wood block into a magnificent racer. The saw includes five specialty blades and the rasp has varying smoothing capabilities....

Car - Speed Racer Kit
A scientifically designed, pre-cut racer body, which includes an aerodynamic design and innovative weight system, was created with consideration for racing...
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Car - American Classic
Model a realistic looking American classic car. Rough-cut pine wood body with a hollowed-out core and balsa wood sides keep this full-body design...
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Car - Pinewood Derby Kits - Avenger
Screamin' Eagle Designer Kit includes the step-by-step instructions, template and body details needed to create a three-dimensional shaped racer. Template...
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Build - Pro Wheel Mandrel
The Pro Wheel Mandrel is a precision machined tool designed to hold Pinewood Derby Car Wheels for preparing them for racing. It features a knurled knob for...
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Build - Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels and Axles
The Official wheel and axle replacement parts for your Pinewood Derby car. Includes 4 Wheels and 4 Axles.
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Launch Supplies - Estes Electron Beam Model Rocket Launch Controller
Launch controller comes complete with safety key and 17 ft (5.2 m) of cable. A GREAT Controller for launching mini and standard (A-C) engine powered...

Launch Supplies - Estes Porta Pad II Model Rocket Launch Set
Comes complete with blast deflector, standoff stem, two-piece 1/8 in. launch rod and launch rod cap. Launch direction may be adjusted 30 degrees from...

Rocket - Estes Viking Model Kit
Great first or second rocket. Can be built with three, four, or five die-cut fiber fins.  You decide! Easy to build and features self-adhesive decals and...

Trained Patch Sea Scout White on Black
Trained Patch Sea Scout White on Black. Custom Non BSA.  Mint condition.
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Trained Patch 2" Khaki NYLT
Trained Patch 2" Khaki NYLT. National Youth Leadership Training.  Mint condition.
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Trained Patch 2" Khaki
Trained Patch 2" Khaki. Mint condition.
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Pair of Forest Green Shoulder Loops (Explorer Positions)
Pair of Forest Green Shoulder Loops (Explorer Positions). Excellent condition.
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