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4 Pocket Poly Plastic Pages

4 Pocket Poly Plastic Pages. Holds over sized OA flaps, over sized shoulder patches or just mount an odd shaped neat item in it. Inside dimension of the...

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Cow Tipping Merit Badge

Cow Tipping Merit Badge. Mint condition. What a sport.  No really this does work.  Try it sometime.  You have earned this merit badge if...

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Pyro Merit Badge

Pyro Merit Badge. Mint condition.

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Git'er Done Trained Strip GRN

Git'er Done Trained Strip GRN. Mint condition.

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Scout Arrow of Light Plaque

Arrow of Light Plaque - Rectangle Blue & Gold

The Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting's highest award. With such an honor, your Scouts deserve the highest quality award. This scout Arrow of Light plaque is...

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Please allow 5-7 days to produce and ship your order.

Potty Trained Strip GRN

Potty Trained Strip GRN. Mint condition.

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Improvised Restroom Merit Badge

Improvised Restroom Merit Badge. You are stuck in the outdoors, hopefully not the indoors, and you receive a call from Mother Nature. What do you do?...

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Whiner Merit Badge

Whiner Merit Badge. Mint condition. We have all had to deal with them.  The person that complains about everything and as my grand dad used to say...

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Overtrained Trained Strip GRN

Overtrained Trained Strip GRN. Mint condition.

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6 Pocket Poly Plastic Pages Insignia

6 Pocket Plastic Pages Insignia. Holds standard insignia and activity patches. Pages are top loading. Package of 10 each. These are polypropylene not vinyl....

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Email Merit Badge

Email Merit Badge. Mint condition.

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Emergency Unpreparedness Merit Badge

Emergency Unpreparedness Merit Badge. Mint condition.

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Red Custom Troop Numbers

Red Custom BSA Troop Numbers

The Red Custom BSA Troop Numbers. Standard looking "Single Patch" numerals use the familiar Red Border. Please note that this BSA troop number layout...

Enter Troop/Pack/Crew Numerals

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Due to Chinese New Year, all orders will be delayed. Please allow 21-30 days to produce and ship your order.

Minimum quantity for "Red Custom BSA Troop Numbers" is 25.

Knot Tying Kit

Pro-Knot Tying Kit

This knot tying kit includes one PRO-KNOT Rope Knot Card (same as Outdoor, Boating and Paddling Knots), two 30” lengths of high quality static line...

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Tick Removal Merit Badge

Tick Removal Merit Badge. Mint condition.

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Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge

Dutch Oven Cooking Merit Badge. You can cook almost anything in a dutch oven.  It has been said that anything you cook in a dutch oven will taste...

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