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Eagle Scout Plaque

Eagle Scout Plaque

The Eagle Scout Plaque features a 3D carved Eagle with its wings spread showing all of the majesty of this great Bird and symbol of the highest rank in...

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Orange County CSP SA-43

Orange County CSP SA-43. Lost Valley Scout Reservation.

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Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

A fire is created by rapidly spinning the dowel-like "spindle" back and forth in a hole in a fireboard below it. Downward pressure and speed...

North Florida CSP T-1 Plain Back

North Florida CSP T-1 Plain Back. Mint condition.

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Scout Arrow of Light Plaque

Arrow of Light Plaque - Rectangle Blue & Gold

The Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting's highest award. With such an honor, your Scouts deserve the highest quality award. This scout Arrow of Light plaque is...

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Retrievers Instant Name Label Kits
Retrievers Instant Name Label Kits

Badge Magic Retrievers Instant Name Labels are the easiest and most versatile way to identify your belongings!  This kit includes one sheet of 36 of...

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National Capital Area CSP S-5

National Capital Area CSP S-5. Mint condition.

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Webelos 20 Super Achiever Patch

The “Webelos Super Achiever” patch award goes to those Scouts who decide to earn all 20 of the activity pins that are available in the...

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