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Boy Scout Handbook 1911 Proof Edition

Boy Scout Handbook 1911 Proof Edition.  USED.  Cover has an ink stain on it.  Spine is wearing considerably.  Cover shows significant...

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Complete Franklin Silver Half Dollar Collection 1948-1963

When the Silver Franklin Half Dollar was issued in 1948, Benjamin Franklin became the first person other than a president to be immortalized on a...

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Lodge 508 Flap YS2

Lodge 508 Flap YS2.  Mint condition.

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100-Years of U.S Mint Coin Designs

Spanning more than a century, every coin in this collection is minted of lustrous real silver. Each of the fifteen coins has been hand selected for historic...

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Gulf Ridge CSP S-3

Gulf Ridge CSP S-3. Mint condition.

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Longs Peak Red and White

Longs Peak Red and White.  Mint condition.

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Labor MB

Labor MB. National made but never issued as a title. One of 18 known to exist. Mint condition.

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Quapaw Area CSP SA-10

Quapaw Area CSP SA-10. Mint condition.

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