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10 Year Veteran Pin

10 Year Veteran Pin.  Mint in original box.

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10 Years of Buffalo Nickels

Considered the most distinctively American of all US coin designs, the Buffalo nickel celebrates our country's westward expansion.  Artist James Earle...

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10 Years of Buffalo Nickels - Wood Frame

This Buffalo Nickel is considered one of the most beautiful and charming American coins of all time. It features an Indian Head on the front and a Buffalo...

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10 Years of Indian Head Pennies - Wood Frame

These coins are a symbol of the bygone American Frontier: 10 Indian Head Pennies, one from each year from 1899 to 1908. All are 95% Pure Copper and in...

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10 Years of Liberty Nickels

Own ten years of the Liberty nickel with this well-priced collection.  One of America's most interesting vintage coins, it was designed in 1883 by...

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Scout calendar medallion
100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion

100 Years of Scouting Calendar Medallion   Treasure your Boy Scout memories while celebrating Scouting’s first centennial with this...

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100% Duty Pin hanging from 1 Year Bar

100% Duty Pin hanging from 1 Year Bar.  Very good condition.

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100% Duty Pin Shield

100% Duty Pin Shield.  Excellent condition.

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