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Untrainable Trained Strip
Untrainable Trained Strip. Mint condition.
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Cat Herding Merit Badge
Cat Herding Merit Badge

The Cat Herding Merit Badge is for all those who have gone above the call of duty in trying to have structured activities with young men. Order the merit badge for those who deserve.

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Tenderfoot Rank Patch 1950s Gauze Back
Tenderfoot Rank Patch 1950s.  Gauze back.  Mint condition.
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Mohican CSP T-1 Plain back
Mohican CSP T-1. Plain back. Mint condition.
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Eagle Court of Honor Book
The Eagle Court of Honor Book is the definitive guide to staging successful courts of honor: from physical arrangements to promotion to the ceremony...
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Khaki/Green Caption Custom Troop Numbers
Khaki/Green Caption Custom Boy Scout Troop Number Patches Celebrate the longevity of your troop with this layout!  Please note that this...
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Due to Chinese New Year, all orders will be delayed. Please allow 21-30 days to produce and ship your order.

Minimum quantity for "Khaki/Green Caption Custom Troop Numbers" is 25.

Marathon Merit Badge 26.2
Marathon Merit Badge 26.2.  Participating in a marathon is a tremendous accomplishment.  You have earned this merit badge if; You have...
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Order of the Arrow legend
Order of the Arrow Legend Strip - White Ghost
Pass on the legend with this cool Order of the Arrow Legend Strip The Order of the Arrow Legend is know to all members of the Order of the Arrow. This...
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