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Arrow of Light plaque
Arrow of Light Plaque - Rectangle

CODE: d501n00004

In Stock

All plaques are fully assembled and finished. Arrows do NOT come with Plaques The Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting's highest award. With such an honor, your...

Please allow 5-7 days to customize and ship your award.

Finger Carving - Goofy Merit Badge

CODE: r001n06233

In Stock

Get some laughs with this goofy merit badge about finger carving Accidents happen to even the best of scouts. With that in mind, we bring you this...

Eagle scout knife
Small Lockback Eagle Scout Knife

CODE: r500n00485

In Stock

This small lockback Eagle Scout knife is the perfect gift to congratulate a new Eagle Scout, award to a group at an Eagle Court of Honor or simply to own...

10 to 14 days

If you select to engrave your knife, please allow 10-14 days to customize and ship your award.

silly merit badges
Disorienteering - Silly Merit Badge

CODE: r001an06231d


Disorienteering Merit Badge. You have heard someone say "he or she doesn't know up".  This merit badge is for those who don't now North, East, South...

Grill Master Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08579d

In Stock

Grill Master Merit Badge. Mint condition.

Self Adhesive Patch
Cut-To-Fit Sheet 6 x 8.5 with Instructions - Self Adhesive Patch

CODE: r902n00001

In Stock

Cut-To-Fit Sheet 6 x 8.5 - Self Adhesive Patch No More Sewing! This 8 1/2" X 6" kit contains over 50 square inches of self adhesive patches that can be...

Untrainable Trained Strip GRN

CODE: r003n08768

In Stock

Untrainable Trained Strip GRN. Mint condition.

Public Farting Merit Badge

CODE: r001n08362

In Stock

Public Farting Merit Badge. Also know as Crop Dusting. Mint condition.

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