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fun merit badges duck tape

Duck Tape Merit Badge

The Scouts may not give a duct tape merit badge, but now you can honor the camper who is always prepared with this striking duck tape badge. This fun...

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Arrow of Light plaque

Arrow of Light Plaque - Rectangle

All plaques are fully assembled and finished. Arrows do NOT come with Plaques The Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting's highest award. With such an honor, your...

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Eagle scout knife

Small Lockback Eagle Scout Knife

This small lockback Eagle Scout knife is the perfect gift to congratulate a new Eagle Scout, award to a group at an Eagle Court of Honor or simply to own...

10 to 14 days

Self Adhesive Patch
Cut-To-Fit Sheet 6 x 8.5 with Instructions - Self Adhesive Patch

Cut-To-Fit Sheet 6 x 8.5 - Self Adhesive Patch No More Sewing! This 8 1/2" X 6" kit contains over 50 square inches of self adhesive patches that can be...

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Untrainable Trained Strip GRN

Untrainable Trained Strip GRN. Mint condition.

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Funny Merit Badge

Scouting Just One Hour a Week Patch - Funny Merit Badge

Scouting Just One Hour a Week Patch  - Funny Merit Badge Scouting Just One Hour a Week makes a joke of the supposed one hour a week that scouting...

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Public Farting Merit Badge

Public Farting Merit Badge. Also know as Crop Dusting. Mint condition.

Super Achiever Award

Super Achiever Award

The Arrow of Light isn’t the only award a Cub Scout can earn while he is on the Trail to Eagle. The “Super Achiever” award goes to...

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