Scout Leader Award Plaque - Circle

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Scoutmaster, Cubmaster
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Scout Leader Award Plaque - Circle

The Leaders in your Pack or Troop work hard to assist and guide the Scouts in making good decisions and help create a learning enviroment that the Scout can succeed in.. They are also the people most forgotten when awards are handed out. Don't let this happen in your Pack or Troop. Remember your Leaders with one of our NEW for 2011 Scout Leader Awards.

Our engraving pictured above has the Pack or Troop number at the top and the years of service at the bottom along with the following text in the center.

"A Scout Leader is a special kind of person, someone with patience to teach, and wisdom to pass on to those willing to listen."

The scould leader award plaque is 11 inches across and 1/4 inch thick. The engraving is custom for each plaque, at no extra charge. A desk stand is also included.

All plaques are fully assembled and finished. Arrows do NOT come with plaques.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take from the time I order to having my order shipped?
A: This depends on order volume which changes depending on the time of year. December, January, February and March are the months that the order volume is at its peak so allow additional time for production. We always place a good estimate on this page in red by the Add to Cart button.

Q: How do you ship the plaque(s)?
A: All plaque orders are shipped UPS Ground.

Q: How long does it take UPS to deliver my order once you ship it?
A: Please see the UPS Service Map below and locate the destination color. Then look at the ledgend to the lower right to find the days in transit. UPS does NOT count the day your package is picked up in the transit time.

UPS Ground Map for Plaque Shipping

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is based on the amount of the order. Please see table below.

Order Amount Shipping Amount
$0.01 to $10.00  $10.00
$10.01 to $270.00  $17.95
$270.01 to $540.00  $27.95
$540.01 to $810.00  $37.95
$810.01 and UP  $47.95

Q: Can I order plaques and just cancel the ones that Scout(s) don't complete all of the requirements?
A: Please don't place your order until you know the Scouts will earn the award. We do not cancel and refund after any custom work has been started. We are happy to cancel before work is started on custom awards.

Q: There is a spelling error or wrong date. What do I do next?
A: Look at your original order. If YOU entered something wrong, just reorder that award and we will make the new award just as quickly as we can. If WE made the error, please let us know via our Contact Us page so we can make a corrected award and ship it to you as quickly as we can.

Q: Are there loops included to hang an arrow on the plaque?
A: Yes, two leather loops are attached to the bottom to hang an arrow on.  We sell arrow kits as well.

The plaque looked great and was at my door in no time flat. I was afraid there'd be a spelling mistake since the name was a little out of the ordinary but to my relief everything was perfect. Our Cubmaster was very pleasantly surprised and taken aback.
We purchased this for our Blue and Gold Party in 2014. Was amazed at how quickly they were able to do this and ship it out so that we would have it in plenty of time. Received the product and was was GORGEOUS!! Bigger than what we had anticipated, quality better than what we thought it would be, and just overall a great job. I know our Cubmaster will be surprised since this is a gift coming from his Den Leaders. Thank you for making this product custom to our needs. This is one grateful and happy customer :-)
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