Lincoln Memorial Penny Collection 1959-2008

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Includes one Lincoln Memorial Penny from every year of issue 1959-2008 (50 Lincoln Memorial Pennies).  Victor D. Brenner designed the Lincoln Cent which was issued in 1909 to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.  In 1959 Frank Gasparro designed a new reverse featuring the Lincoln Memorial to commemorate 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.  From 1959-1981 the Lincoln Memorial Pennies were minted of 95% copper & 5% zinc.  In 1982 the composition changed to 99.2% zinc and .8% copper.  Lincoln penny was the first cent to have the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”.  Because the Lincoln Penny has been in circulation for so many years, the obverse image on this coin now has the distinction of having been reproduced on more coins than any design in history.  Includes a certificate of authenticity.


  • 50 Lincolon Memorial pennies from every year of issue 1959-2008
  • First penny to have motto "In God We Trust"
  • 1959-1981 pennies contain 95% copper and 5% zinc
  • 1982-2008 pennies contain 99.2% zinc and .8% copper
  • Display measures 11"L x 8-5/8"W
  • Certificate of authenticity

Dimensions: 11" x 8 5/8" x 1/16"
Warranty: 1 year Limited Manufacturer
Materials: cardboard, US Coins
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UPC: 056132017294

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