Fire Making

Fire Making Kits

Boy Scout Fire Making Kits and Supplies

At the Boy Scout Store, we strive to make your shopping experience a good one. We work to make sure that you have a one-stop spot for your scout shopping needs. For our outdoor, fire making supplies, we have everything from full fire making kits to all-weather matches. And all of our items are priced to sell fast so order your fire making kits today!

Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit


Scout Bow Drill Fire Kit


Adventurer Survival Fire Starter


Matchless Fire Combo

$68.00   $54.99

Deluxe Striker Kit


Scout Fire Piston


FireLight Fire Piston


Scout Master Fire Piston


Tinder Tube


Stormproof Match Kit


Key Ring Fire Steel Pendant


Red FireStar Fire Piston - Ferro Rod


Jute Nesting Material


Black FireStar Fire Piston


Burning Lens Kit


All Weather Survival Matches


FeroLight – Ferocerium Fire Starting Device


Fire Making Nest Material


FireSteel Scout 2.0 w/Whistle


Regular Striker Kit


PyroPac Gel Fuel and Fire Starter - 2 Pack


Dymondwood Fire Piston


Char Cloth




Silver FireStar Fire Piston


FireSteel Scout w/TinderDust Combo


Long-Burn Matches


Char Cloth Kit


Tinder Quik Fire Starter Tabs


Silver FireStar Fire Piston - Ferro Rod


Scout Pro Fire Piston