Boy Scout Knives

Boy Scout Knives are a Boy Scout's best friend. Need to cut some rope? Need to widdle a stick for some reason? Want to open that bag of gummy bears? There's a Boy Scout Knife for that. Shop our assortment of knives to get the knife that your Scout needs.

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Number of Blades: 1, Weight (oz.): 5, Max Blade Length (in.): 6.25, Yes, Serrated, Closed Length (in.): 8.5

This is your tool for small brush, tree branches and limbs. The crosscut teeth design cuts on both the forward and backward stroke while the rugged,...

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Number of Blades: 1, Weight (oz.): 2.54, Max Blade Length (in.): 3.24, Yes, Partially Serrated, Closed Length (in.): 4

Gerber's Bear Grylls' Scout Drop Point Knife is part of the Gerber / Bear Grylls Survival Series. This collaboration brings together over 70 years of knife...

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Number of Blades: 2, Weight (oz.): 2.2, Max Blade Length (in.): 2.5, No, Straight Edge, Closed Length (in.): 3.5

Designed to be slim and lightweight, the 3 ½ inch Tinker easily slips into a pocket to be called upon when any number of appropriate tasks present...

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Number of Blades: 1, Weight (oz.): 0.94, Max Blade Length (in.): 2.5, Yes, Partially Serrated, Closed Length (in.): 3.3

The product of collaboration between Gerber and survival expert Bear Grylls, the Compact Gerber Scout Knife is a smaller version of the original Scout...

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