Boy Scout Survival

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Shop the Boy Scout Store for your boy scout survival essentials. Our boy scout survival items are priced to sell so act now. Choose from pocket survival kits, emergency lights, paracord bracelets, and more!

Survival Bracelet

CODE: d906n00001


These Survival Bracelets are built to last! They are great for traveling in the backcountry, hiking, or just everyday wearing. Order a survival bracelet here.

LED Rescue Light

CODE: r108n00001


LED Rescue Light LED Rescue Lights save lives! Have you ever been lost while out hiking, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling or any other type of outdoor activity?... More 

Pocket Survival Kit Stickers - Set of 7

CODE: r106n00120


These outdoor quality, vinyl, survival information stickers provide some basics for outdoor survival. Not intended to take the place of proper training... More 

Be Prepared Pocket Survival Kit

CODE: r106n00180


Your Scout will be ready for anything with this Pocket Survival Kit The Be Prepared Pocket Survival Kit , officially licensed by the Boy Scouts of... More