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The Pro Outer Hub Shaver is designed to square the outer hub on a BSA or PineCar wheel with the wheel bore. This ensures proper mounting on the Pro-Wheel Mandrel,and eliminates any flaws on the outer hub.

  • Ensures accurate rotation by squaring the outer wheel hub to the wheel bore for proper mounting on the Pro-Wheel Mandrel.
  • Improves wheel hub to axle head contact by eliminating flaws on the outer wheel hub.

Note:The Pro-Outer Hub Shaver is intended for use on BSA and PineCar wheels. It is not intended for use on wheels by other manufacturer. The Pro-Hub Tool is required for the Pro-Outer Hub Shaver and the Pro-Wheel Shaver.


  1. Remove the protective cap from the square end of the Pro-Hub Tool,and then test fit each wheel by sliding it onto the pin. If the wheel bore is too small for the tool,use steady hand pressure and a twisting motion to work the wheel onto the tool. Remove the wheel and repeat 3 times.
  2. Slide the Pro Outer Hub Shaver onto the pin of the Pro-Hub Tool with the cutting edge outwards. To minimize the risk of a hand injury,leave the protective cap on the coned end of the Pro-Hub Tool.
  3. Place a wheel onto the pin of the tool,spoke-side first.
  4. With one hand hold the Pro-Hub Tool and the ProOuter Hub Shaver,and with the other hand press the wheel against the tool. Rotate the wheel three complete revolutions.
  5. Check the outer hub and repeat if needed. But avoid cutting too deep into the wheel.

Repeat steps 3-5 for the other wheels.


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