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Boy Scout Patches

Order Your Boy Scout Patches from Boy Scout Store Today and Save

Buy your boy scout patches from the Boy Scout store today and save big with sale prices! We offer official badges, spoof badges, and even badge magic patch adhesive to apply them to your scouts uniform.

01 PM

CODE: b219n00018


01 PM.  Mint condition.

Git'er Done Trained Patch

CODE: b219n00030


Git'er Done Trained Patch.  Mint condition.

Indian PM

CODE: r004n00169


Indian PM.  Mint condition.

Invisible Duck PM

CODE: r004n00168


Invisible Duck PM.  Mint condition.

Duck Assassin PM

CODE: r004n00167


Duck Assassin PM.  Mint condition.

Primitive Fire Making Merit Badge

CODE: m001n00055


Primitive Fire Making Merit Badge. How did they make fire before matches?   You have earned this merit badge if; You were able to start a fire... More 

Retrievers Instant Name Label Kits

CODE: r902n00011


Badge Magic Retrievers Instant Name Labels are the easiest and most versatile way to identify your belongings!  This kit includes one sheet of 36 of... More 

Apache Helicopter PM

CODE: r004n00166


Apache Helicopter PM.  Mint condition.