Custom Patrol Patches

Order Your Custom Patrol Patches from Boy Scout Store

Find the custom patrol patches you need right here on our website. We literally have hundreds of patches for sale and ready to ship right to you. With these prices, feel free to stock up big and not feel like you're breaking the bank! Browse our inventory of custom patrol patches now.

Ghost PM

CODE: r004n00152


Ghost PM.  Mint condition.

Tick PM

CODE: r004n00151


Tick PM.  Mint condition.  

Gecko with Attitude PM

CODE: r004n00150


Gecko with Attitude PM.  Mint condition.

Little Chick PM

CODE: r004n00147


Little Chick PM.  Mint condition.

Mountaineer PM

CODE: r004n00149


Mountaineer PM.  Mint condition.

Caution Tape PM

CODE: r004n00144


Caution Tape PM.  Mint condition.

Footprint PM (Black)

CODE: r004n00146


Footprint PM (Black).  Mint condition.

USMC Emblem PM (Marines)

CODE: r004n00145


USMC Emblem PM (Marines).  Mint condition.

Bean Dip PM

CODE: r004n00148


Bean Dip PM.  Mint condition.

Flaming Mini Marshmallows PM 2"

CODE: r002n07765


Flaming Mini Marshmallows PM 2".  Mint condition.

Cobra Dragon PM

CODE: r004n00143


Cobra Dragon PM.  Mint condition.

Cobra PM Fully Embroidered

CODE: r005n02021


Cobra PM Fully Embroidered.  Mint condition.

Old Nag PM

CODE: r004n00139d


Old Nag PM.  Mint condition.

Northwest Indian Beaver PM

CODE: r004n00136d


Northwest Indian Beaver PM.  Mint condition.

Aggravated Bird PM Red

CODE: r004n00135d


Aggravated Bird PM Red.  Mint condition.

Hyena PM Retro

CODE: r004n00137


Hyena PM Retro.  Mint condition.