Custom Patrol Patches

Order Your Custom Patrol Patches from Boy Scout Store

Find the custom patrol patches you need right here on our website. We literally have hundreds of patches for sale and ready to ship right to you. With these prices, feel free to stock up big and not feel like you're breaking the bank! Browse our inventory of custom patrol patches now.

American Patriot PM

CODE: r004n00055


American Patriot PM. Mint condition.

Angry Platypus PM

CODE: r004n00128d


Angry Platypus PM.  Mint condition.

Antelope Patrol Jacket Patch

CODE: r010n00020


Antelope Patrol Jacket Patch. 5 1/2" diameter. Mint condition.

Antelope PM Tan

CODE: b012n00754


Antelope PM Tan. Mint condition.

Antelope PM Wood Badge Patrol

CODE: r010n00001


Antelope PM Wood Badge Patrol. Mint condition.

Antelope Woodbadge PM Troop 1

CODE: r003n12580


Antelope Woodbadge PM Troop 1. Mint condition.

Apache Helicopter PM

CODE: r004n00166


Apache Helicopter PM.  Mint condition.

Army National Guard PM

CODE: r002n08755


Army National Guard PM. Mint condition.