Custom Patrol Patches

Order Your Custom Patrol Patches from Boy Scout Store

Find the custom patrol patches you need right here on our website. We literally have hundreds of patches for sale and ready to ship right to you. With these prices, feel free to stock up big and not feel like you're breaking the bank! Browse our inventory of custom patrol patches now.

Bear Woodbadge PM Troop 1

CODE: r003n12579


Bear Woodbadge PM Troop 1. Mint condition.

Beaver Patrol Jacket Patch

CODE: r010n00022


Beaver Patrol Jacket Patch. 5 1/2" diameter. Mint condition.

Beaver Patrol Medallion Scenery

CODE: c047n00205


Proudly display this Beaver Patrol Medallion on your uniform to show your affiliation. This is great to have before you leave for Wood Badge or after you... More 

Beaver PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12508


Beaver PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Beaver PM Woodbadge Patrol

CODE: r010n00003


Beaver PM Woodbadge Patrol. Mint condition.

Beaver PM Woodbadge Troop 1

CODE: r003n12574


Beaver PM Woodbadge Troop 1. Mint condition.

Big Buck PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12520


Big Buck PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Big Kahunas PM

CODE: r004n00104


Big Kahunas PM.  Mint condition.

Bigfoot PM

CODE: r004n00047


Bigfoot PM. Mint condition.

Bison PM Woodbadge Patrol

CODE: b036n09559


Bison PM Woodbadge Patrol. Mint condition.

Black Cat PM

CODE: r004n00028


Black Cat PM. Mint condition.

Black Hole PM

CODE: r004n00098


Black Hole PM. Mint condition.

Blackhawk Helicopter PM

CODE: r004n00088


Blackhawk Helicopter PM. Mint condition.

Blank PM

CODE: r004n00134


Blank PM,  Mint condition.  Make your own design with this blank patrol medallion.

Blazing Saddles PM

CODE: r004n00107


Campfire PM.  Mint condition.

Blue Crab PM

CODE: r004n00003


Blue Crab PM. Mint condition.