Custom Patrol Patches

Order Your Custom Patrol Patches from Boy Scout Store

Find the custom patrol patches you need right here on our website. We literally have hundreds of patches for sale and ready to ship right to you. With these prices, feel free to stock up big and not feel like you're breaking the bank! Browse our inventory of custom patrol patches now.

T-Rex Head PM

CODE: r004n00122


T-Rex Head PM.  Mint condition.

Potato Scout PM

CODE: r004n00121


Potato Scout PM.  Mint condition.

Northwest Indian Salmon PM

CODE: r004n00120


Northwest Indian Salmon PM.  Mint condition.

Dancing Hot Dog PM

CODE: r004n00119


Dancing Hot Dog PM.  Mint conditon.

Boiling Frog PM

CODE: r004n00118


Boiling Frog PM.  Mint condition.

Aggravated Bird PM Yellow

CODE: r004n00117


Aggravated Bird PM Yellow.  Mint condition.

Aggravated Bird PM Green

CODE: r004n00116


Aggravated Bird PM Green.  Mint condition.

Aggravated Bird PM White

CODE: r004n00115


Aggravated Bird PM White.  Mint condition.

Lumberjack PM

CODE: r004n00113


Lumberjack PM.  Mint condition.

Pyro PM

CODE: r004n00112


Pyro PM.  Mint condition.

101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagle PM

CODE: r004n00111


101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagle PM.  Mint condition.

Blank PM

CODE: r004n00134


Blank PM,  Mint condition.  Make your own design with this blank patrol medallion.

Volcano PM

CODE: r004n00133


Volcano PM,  Mint condition.

Husky PM

CODE: r004n00132d


Husky PM.  Mint condition.

Ninja Frog PM

CODE: r004n00131


Ninja Frog PM.  Mint condition.

Scoutmaster PM

CODE: r004n00130


Scoutmaster PM.  Mint condition.