Custom Patrol Patches

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Find the custom patrol patches you need right here on our website. We literally have hundreds of patches for sale and ready to ship right to you. With these prices, feel free to stock up big and not feel like you're breaking the bank! Browse our inventory of custom patrol patches now.

Buffalo PM Woodbadge Troop 1

CODE: r003n12578


Buffalo PM Woodbadge Troop 1. Mint condition.

Bull Dog PM

CODE: r004n00094


Bull Dog PM. Mint condition.

Buzzard PM

CODE: r004n00040


Buzzard PM. Mint condition.

Camo Bear Claw PM

CODE: r004n00063


Camo Bear Claw PM. Mint condition.

Camoflauge PM

CODE: r004n00086


Camoflauge PM. Mint condition.

Campfire PM

CODE: r004n00108


Campfire PM.  Mint conditiion.

Cat Herding PM

CODE: r004n00059


Cat Herding PM. Mint condition.

Caution Tape PM

CODE: r004n00144


Caution Tape PM.  Mint condition.

Caveman PM

CODE: r004n00022


Caveman PM. Mint condition.

Centaur PM

CODE: r004n00051


Centaur PM. Mint condition.

Chainsaw PM

CODE: r004n00100


Chainsaw PM.  Mint condition.

Cheeseburger PM

CODE: r004n00097


Cheeseburger PM. Mint condition.

Cobra (Army Blue) PM

CODE: r004n00045


Cobra (Army Blue) PM. Mint condition.

Cobra Dragon PM

CODE: r004n00143


Cobra Dragon PM.  Mint condition.

Cobra PM (Maroon)

CODE: r004n00085


Cobra PM (Maroon). Mint condition.

Cobra PM (Tan)

CODE: r004n00089


Cobra PM (Tan). Mint condition.

Cobra PM Fully Embroidered

CODE: r005n02021


Cobra PM Fully Embroidered.  Mint condition.

Coffee Pot PM

CODE: r004n00103


Coffee Pot PM.  Mint condition.

Cougar PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12506


Cougar PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Cougars PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12492


Cougars PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Crawfish PM

CODE: r004n00041


Crawfish PM. Mint condition.

Dancing Banana PM

CODE: r004n00048


Dancing Banana PM. Mint condition.

Dancing Hot Dog PM

CODE: r004n00119


Dancing Hot Dog PM.  Mint conditon.

Dancing Penguins PM 2010 NJ

CODE: c001n12529


Dancing Penguins PM 2010 NJ. Mint condition.

Dirty BandAid PM

CODE: r004n00126


Dirty BandAid PM.  Mint condition.

Dog House PM

CODE: r004n00065d


Dog House PM. Mint condition.

Duct Tape PM

CODE: r004n00056


Duct Tape PM. Mint condition.

Dynamite PM

CODE: r004n00057


Dynamite PM. Mint condition.

Eagle Patrol Jacket Patch

CODE: r010n00025


Eagle Patrol Jacket Patch. 5 1/2" diameter. Mint condition.

Eagle Patrol Medallion Scenery

CODE: r005n02005


Proudly display this Eagle Patrol Medallion on your uniform to show your affiliation. This is great to have before you leave for Wood Badge or after you... More 

Eagle PM Bald Eagle

CODE: r010n00007


Eagle PM Bald Eagle. Mint condition.

Eagle PM Head Tan

CODE: b062n21110


Eagle PM Head Tan. Mint condition.